The S Upgrade

We put more than a years work into improve every part of an already fantastic award winning performance.

S is for "Super"

More details, better micro dynamics and more "air" around the performing musicians. Everything is served with naturalness and a musicality normally reserved bigger and more expensive amplifiers - the result is stunning! The S upgrade is for your DIA-250, DIA-400 integrated amplifiers or the PRD-3 preamplifier. It is anything else than the subtle makeover of the standard version.

We changed and improved the electrical circuits and layouts in more than twenty ways, the most significant being:

  • Optimized mains filter
  • Improved general and local power supplies
  • New input stage
  • Improved output stage
  • New analogue stages in the D/A converter
  • Improved digital signal routing
  • Updated firmware
  • Improved connectors
  • Incorporated aptX Bluetooth module

Don't miss the opportunity to give this upgrade a listen – we are certain that it will impress with clean, smooth and detailed amplification that does not only offer built-in D/A converter and aptX Bluetooth connectivity – but also the ability to bring out the best in your setup.